How You Can Help

Recycled Lives is committed to carrying out the following ministries in response to the needs of our Guatemalan friends. We invite you to prayerfully consider how you might be able to financially support these efforts.
Donating is quick, easy, safe and is tax-deductible. Use any of the “donate buttons” on our pages to provide an online donation or you may send a check to Recycled Lives PO Box 408, Cambridge, MN 55008

mission teams
home building project
Indiv & family care program
Shawn missionary
cooking stove
Discipleship groups
fundays food

Deuteronomy 15:11New Life Version (NLV)  11 The poor will always be in the land. So I tell you to be free in giving to your brother, to those in need, and to the poor in your land.

Recycled Lives is a tax exempt 501c3 non-profit Christian organization dedicated to bettering the lives of people living in poverty through facilitating access to resources that are physical, spiritual and/or financial in nature. We are advocates for ceasing poverty for all of God’s people throughout the world.

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