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A Beautiful Reunion- click here to watch the video

2 years ago Kelly and Dave Wichman constructed a home for little Jose in Guatemala. Jose has been asking each month, when his family receives a visit & food package, when will Dave ever be able to come visit him again, he is sad & misses him. If you recall their story God gave them a very special bond because of similar losses from the suicide of loved ones. (Story posted in comments). Just the other day Jose told his mother he had a dream that “Grandpa Dave” came to him and hugged him and told him he loved him. Dave has been dreaming of when his next visit to Guatemala should be. This was the day of dreams come true for both of them. Please watch this video- there is not a dry eye in the house. Jose was told Shawn was waiting in the house. Because of his excitement he missed seeing Dave right away. But oh boy when Jose saw Dave…..
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December Mission Team Video- Click here

A big thanks to Team Josh & Sophia and Team Melody & RaeLynn that gave of their hearts, time and resources to work alongside Recycled Lives in ministering in Guatemala over the Christmas season! Thanks to each person that supported these teams and their work through financial and prayer support as well!

December 2017 Patzan Home Build video- click here

A huge thank you to each person that contributed to help make the Patzan home become a Christmas dream come true! A special thank you Michelle Lundeen and ReMax Team Lundeen for coordinating their 2nd home fundraiser and raising the funds needed in less than 10 days! We finished this new house design in record time and in record temps! God provides where He guides! Humbled, blessed & filled with joy!

November 2017 Contrares Home Build video-click here

Thank you Clyde & Deb Bloyer for organizing the fundraiser to sponsor the construction of the Contrares Family Home! A huge thanks to each person that gave to make this possible. The family will forever be changed for the better.

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This latest newsletter includes: Home constructions, prayer requests, How you are making a difference, Johnson Missionary update!

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This latest newsletter includes: Updates from the mission field, articles from supporters, Recycling for Recycled Lives project!

Friendship Guatemala- Tower Mission Team

Thank You Friendship Guatemala team from Tower, MN for the love you shared with the San Gabriel, Guatemala Community! Thanking God the support of your friends, families and community for making such a powerful impact for so many lives through their prayer, financial and material support of your team. Click here to see the video story of the October-November 2016 Mission team from Tower MN

ReMax Team Lundeen Christmas Home

We are so excited to share with you the video that was just completed for the ReMax Team Lundeen Cambridge office house build! The family was so grateful and worked so very hard alongside of us as well as before and after we were there all day! They send their deepest thanks to everyone that supported the fundraiser that Michelle organized in order that a family living in poverty in Guatemala may receive a house for Christmas! It was truly an amazing blessing to be a part of!
If you would like information about sponsoring a house build or gathering a group to fund raise, please contact us! We are praying for a minimum of 12 houses this year (an average of at least one per month)!
Click here to watch the video: ReMax Team Lundeen Christmas House

2015 Mission Team Video

2014 Ministries Wrap up Video!







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