It’s hard to believe it’s been 4​ ​weeks ​that I have been ​here in Guatemala. It is a ​strange mix of emotions for me to feel so at peace & joyful in what I am doing yet knowing that my heart misses my family back home. ​ ​I​t certainly is the blessing of peace described in Philippians 4:7 …..peace ​which transcends all understanding. I know i miss my children, grandbabes, family, friends, church… the “normality” of daily life yet i feel i am exactly where i am supposed to be​,​ doing exactly what i am supposed to be doing.

Here goes for week 4:

March mission team: Miriam, Jose (7), Gabriella (3 1/2) and Daniella (6 months) received their home on Friday after 5 hard days of labor from the mission team and this family.

​We are so blessed to have grown as an organization in which we have the tools we need & dedicated construction guides that are patient and loving and enjoy the hard work. We were also blessed to have Wilmer, a young father and the nephew of Miriam, who was helping his Aunt with the home construction. We definitely needed his strength to mix cement and help carry blocks up the hill to the construction site. He carried 5 blocks at a time on his back up the hill to our 1 or 2 blocks! He & and wife wept when he received payment from our team for the help he was giving to his aunt Miriam. ​He was not expecting it. The family cried as our team presented them with the home and blessed the home with prayer and worship. The team sang the song “Holy Spirit you are welcome here”.
Throughout the construction we enjoyed connecting with the family as we worked and were also were blessed with a beautiful view of the volcano Fuego which has been active daily with ​frequent ​ash plumes and lava at night. ​The construction site was visited every day by wom​e​n lining up requesting homes​, help for their children for school and for food​. The need is so greatly overwhelming for us but for God it isn’t. ​We are p​raying ​God moves hearts to help us ​continue ​construction and mission work in this community​​.
​The team performed the monthly food distribution in San Gabriel for over 130 families. We spent 3 hours portioning and weighing 1,100 pounds of beans and rice on sunday afternoon and distributed the food on Monday. Following the food distribution we enjoyed a BBQ with the community. We had exactly enough hot dogs for everyone that came! Kelly and Dave left for home this morning at 4 am and are traveling as I write. I am so thankful for their support of me and Recycled Lives over the past several years and it was a blessing to work as two married couples as a team.
Clinic and Activity Center Construction:

​We are p​raising God as another generous donation was received that we can begin construction on the roof!​ ​We are still seeking funds to see this dream to completion but each week we are yet another step closer. Please pray not only that the funds continue to trickle (or pour in) but that the volunteer help needed (25 people) is obtained the day the cement needs to be poured for the roof. It will take a lot of extra hands for an entire day of heavy labor.​
General update:

​​Tomorrow Brad and I will begin construction of another home in Alotenango Guatemala. The home construction will be difficult as it is on a narrow strip of land for a family of 7. Please pray for us as we work in tight quarters and create the home as we go as it is on a “pie shaped” piece of land from 8 feet wide in front to 6 feet wide in back by less than 30 feet long. it is going to be challenging but we are confident we will be blessed as we work!

Prayer requests:
​ ​
*for all persons suffering throughout the world that lack physical resources but most importantly that do not know the saving relationship available through Jesus Christ.

*for the families we assist to not only know the comfort of shelter, water & electricity but the comfort of their Savior Jesus

*for Kelly and Dave as they return home.

​*for Brad and I as we construct another home and prepare to minister over holy week to the communities God calls us to

*for our family back home, for care to be found for our Grandson Leon.​

*for me to continue to learn and be able to speak spanish so I may minister more directly to the people I have been called to serve

Thanks for all of your love and support.

🙂 Shawn Johnson
Recycled Lives’ Founder & Executive Director


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